Perry Electric and Security Services can handle a variety of New and Old Residential electrical needs from wiring a brand new home to remodeling an older house to handle your modern needs and appliances.

Electronic Security

We can install Card Access, Security cameras, and alarms in a variety of homes and businesses looking for an extra piece of mind whether you are home alone, on vacation, or just minding the store.

Solar and Generator

Take Advantage of the Unique ability of solar panels and DC microgrids and how they can save you money on your power bill or power small buildings. We also install generators for back up power.


Solar And DC Micro-Grids

Normally Solar can be installed on your home or business and sold back to the Power company during the day when you are not home or attach an inverter and a Battery bank for off grid power. With DC Mirco-Grids you can Power your lights and fans in your home, shed, or even a Gazebo with out having to Pay the power company for it or waste energy on Inverters.

Electronic Security

Whether you are looking to protect your home, or Keep your Business secure and protect it from Liabilities such as false accident claims or property theft we can install what you need make sure that even if something unfortunate happens you have the information you need to make it right